What is the peter principle thesis

If so, they are probably making a mistake. It would be better just to encourage the star salespeople with cash bonuses instead. There is a more radical approach. If performance at one level of a hierarchy is uncorrelated with performance at the next level up, the best strategy is simply to promote the very worst people. There are two difficulties with this approach: first, it may be too extreme to assume that no skills at all carry over from one job to the next; second, if the reward for failure is promotion, then the likely response is an organisation full of people bent on sabotage.

So Profs Pluchino, Rapisarda and Garofalo suggest a compromise: promote people at random. This may be the best response to a world where leaders stick around until they are ready to depart. But there is an obvious alternative: when people are not up to the demands of their job, we should not wait for them to resign. They should be sacked — or, perhaps better, demoted back to the roles where they once flourished.

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A mistake is regrettable, but stubbornly sticking to the mistake is far worse. Just ask the British electorate. Written for and first published in the Financial Times on 20 July Email Address. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new articles by email you can unsubscribe at any time. Biography Agents FAQ. Tim Harford The Undercover Economist. The Peter Principle is a joke taken seriously.

Is it true?

The difference in price between an edible chicken and a decent bottle was exactly my point: with money or via barter no modern person would make the trade. Managerial ability does not always overlap with technical ability, computer programming being a prime example.

Managers tend to be more extroverted, high V and lower M and people-centric whereas the opposite is true among many of the best programmers. Extroversion is surely overrated as a good quality for a manager. Intelligence to be a good programmer is the same intelligence needed for good decision making as a manager. However, because of the common perception that the smartest employees are bad managers, and because one needs to be promoted to make more money, thus we see no correlation between higher IQ and higher earnings.

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High IQ types tend to be more aspergerish and weird. This is a fact, and explains why IQ and earnings do not correlate with success in corporate management or other people-managing organization like the military. High IQ does correlate positively with writing books, becoming a full professor, of patents…things spergs are good at, but do not necessarily correlate with huge income. There is actually a moderate, linear correlation between IQ and higher earnings throughout the entire range of the IQ spectrum! Pumpkinperson has an agenda and ought be questioned. Two, there are studies that show the opposite.

The fact we live in a time where high IQ people have created a kind of social monopoly to boost their earnings does not indicate larger time scale causal links. There is no convention in English to sub out letters like that within words.

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Gentile Whites earn the most, and are the forefront of most trends. I have to ask a question here. An honest hardworker who likes to keep to himself and not say much will not get promoted. R then called Personnel deptartments. This may may have been the best business idea that never caught on. I assume the reason must have been the swarm of women into the workforce, H. When I worked for a lucrative law firm, I was amazed that they delegated the task of deciding which candidates to interview to a non-lawyer H. HR has the gatekeeper role, which they relish because it makes them feel important.

The Peter Principle Explains Our Incompetence

My problem when dealing with HR as a hiring manager was that they would arbitrarily change my job description, not send me good resumes, and send me a bunch of crap resume. I know your pain Lion. I used to work as an IT recruiter. As much as possible I would avoid HR, talk directly to hiring managers. Many companies prohibit headhunters from speaking to managers but I would do it anyway. Of course HR would never lift a finger to help me make further placements by sending me job openings, but one is better off working without them. BTW, some HR take bribes from recruiters.

I know this as a fact. HR is mostly made up of women, and I assume most women are even behind IT recruiting, in a field where they hardly have any representation or know-how.

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This goes to show you, what a sad state of affairs we are in. To let these madames walk over men, and pretend they know more about the job responsibilities is a travesty. Complain about the Gervais Principle. Stupid Gervais Principle. He also claims capitalism rewards psychopathic traits. In other words, psychopathy is greatly exaggerated.

Most of them are screw-ups who ruin their own life as well as others. A few are clever enough and have enough self control to make it into positions of influence. But most cause so much chaos and resentment they never make it. Psychopaths are nearly always found out and wear out their welcome.

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IMO the reason people think managers and capitalism rewards psychopathy is that people have a psychological bias against those more successful. This has nothing to do with decision-makers being psychopathic and everything to do with them putting reason above compassion irrespective of their desire to be compassionate. No one likes being passed over for promotion or being laid off and most workers on the receiving end will think it unfair. Not making the decision would have cost the company money.

People will say putting money ahead of people is psychopathy. Psychopathy would be dumping toxic waste in the ground water to save money on disposal fees. A handful of managers may relish manipulating and abusing others. Great post, Lion. Leadership depends on the situation. A great football coach might be a bad biology department chair. A great submarine captain might be a bad governor. To be a good leader who makes good decisions note that this is different from the ability to get promoted in the company , you have to actually know something about what your organization does.

It is usually best to promote the best people from the next rung down, as opposed to bringing in a ringer from the outside. Pumping pleasant tunes into patients' headphones hastened the healing process. News in Brief. Social Justice. Home Economics.