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Academics in social sciences are increasingly conducting research in multilingual contexts. Researchers in the field of cross-language research agree that issues on the role of translators and translation are often Hubbard, Ernest Hilton The main a i m of this stud y is to contri bute t o the e x pl i cation of the central discourse notion , ' co herence ' , by comparing t he d e ns i ties of differen t te xtual features in more cohe rent a nd l e s s Savini, Marina Underlying many formal approaches to linguistics is the fundamental, philosophical assumption that categories are discrete entities.

This assumption also underlies two contemporary formal approaches to morphology which Opperman, Susan Herman Charles Bosman — remains a popular South African writer, despite the frequent occurrence of the offensive k-word for black people in his writings. Although the discipline of Translation Studies is presently Khotso, P. This thesis examined how masculinity develops among the Basotho accordion music artists of the period with an intention to propose the reshaping of masculinity conducive for a human society.

Different factors Van den Berg, Lenore The study sets out to add to the research base on vocabulary acquisition by assessing the effect of integrating explicit, interactive vocabulary instruction with storybook reading on Grade 1 vocabulary acquisition.

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Moyo, Flora The study measures the productive vocabulary size of Grade 6 English Second Language learners and teachers in 16 township schools in Gauteng Province. Data from learners n and teachers n were collected by testing This study represents an attempt to make explicit, within a contrastive perspective, the various types of meaning which can be expressed by the modal auxiliary verbs of English and Afrikaans. Chapter 1 investigates the Habyarimana, Heli The study examines the social motivations that prompt the Rwandan bilingual speakers to code-switch from Kinyarwanda to English, French or Kiswahili in their casual conversations about real-life situations.

Kufakunesu, Patson This study examines the historical and contemporary sociolinguistic status of three minority languages, namely Shangani, Kalanga and Tonga in Chiredzi, Plumtree and Binga respectively within the civil courts of Zimbabwe. Dhlamini, Nozizwe The study explores the theme of protest as encoded in selected Kalanga music.

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In particular, the study focuses on the analysis of songs sung by Kalanga musicians such as Chase Skuza, Ndux Junior and Batshele Brothers, Samaranayake, Sarath Withanarachchi This study investigates the effectiveness of context-specific teaching materials delivered through an adapted process genre model of writing, in enhancing academic writing proficiency of tertiary level English foreign However, those who were not hungry and every camp had them, among them you could hear dirty jokes.

No doubt, it happened in every camp.

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That song when I heard it, it made me shudder, I was not used to such language at home. I was brought up as a good girl in a good and decent home. In the camp we witnessed many dirty things. Agency is an international word. Yes RTA, in Polish it also had a different name JPP Jedna pani powiedziala — one woman said , there was no shame we were sitting in a row telling jokes, everything in that latrine. Bathing in front of others, going to the toilet in public, so we had a row.

We sat there and we talked and told. I also joked and said that our Auschwitz Birkenau Coffee Shop was there in the latrine. It all happened there: exchange of information, gossip, barter, everything. Latrine in Auschwitz — Birkenau 4. Social function of humor. So surely there was a kind of dynamic so here and there a word was thrown, together with help. And also, a person alone cannot joke. There was, there was There is always someone in every group, in every situation whether in war or not, there is always that character who is happier and the character that is sad and the clever one and the fool, we laughed at each other, sure, like everybody else does.

Just like today, but then we had different things. The Yiddish language contains many such elements in expressions whose meanings the Jews new. It looked like a train car and it was called Konhellerka after the two owners. The Warsaw Ghetto was infested with lice and as a result many died of Typhus, it was very difficult to come by the serum against it and many died of Typhus. What did the Ghetto dwellers do? It sounds almost the same but it means: The hut with the lice, instead the small hut in the village.

This mental perseverance was the condition for a will to live, to put it in a nutshell. This I am telling you as a former prisoner. However little it was, however sporadic, however spontaneous, it was very important, very important. Humor and satire played a tremendous role, in my opinion. It was a cemetery all right and exactly for that reason, the mere fact that we wanted somehow to preserve our personality, they wanted to make robots out of us. A subject that was taboo until now.

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It reduced them subjectively, and facilitated coping with them. Humor was expressed in different modes during the Holocaust. Ziv, A. Personality and Sense of Humor. New York: Springer Publishing Company. Chaya Ostrower. Felix Sparks Debate the Holocaust?

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Home Humor as a defense mechanism in the Holocaust. Humor as a defense mechanism in the Holocaust. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy Publisher: Simply Responsive. Research Questions: 1. What types of humor were used by Jews in the Holocaust? What functions did humor fulfill for Jews in the Holocaust? Conceptual Framework: Theoretical and practical assumptions concerning the importance of humor and the various functions it fulfills in stressful situations were the starting point for this study.

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It follows Ziv , , who classifies the functions of humor into five main categories: 1. The aggressive function of humor which includes two types: a. Humor stemming from a sense of superiority b. Humor stemming from frustration 2. The sexual functions of humor 3. The social functions of humor 4. The functions of humor as a defense mechanism which contains two types a.

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Gallows humor b. Self humor 5.

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The intellectual functions of humor Following the content analysis additional types were found; 1. Scatological humor was added to the function of sexual humor 2. Literature Review: The literature review is divided into two main sections.

The first deals with central theories about humor and laughter, including Jewish humor. The second deals with humor and laughter in the Holocaust as expressed in utterances, episodes and various other means of expression such as: humorous and satirical songs, cabaret and other humorous shows and caricature created during the Holocaust.