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The days when dusty leather-bound books from the library were the only useful source of information have long since gone, with more and more useful academic information now available online. Unfortunately, not every university style guide has kept with the times, making it tricky to know how to properly cite blogs and other online sources in your bibliography.

Fortunately for you, there's no need to panic. Below you'll find information on how to correctly reference academic blogs in your essay, whether you're using Harvard, MLA, Chicago or APA referencing. Bloggs, J. Last name, Initial. Title of Blog Post. Last name, First name. Blog Name. Date Month Year Accessed.

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Bloggs, Jane. World of Clever Blogging. How should I cite an article from the blog if it is written by the guest blogger? Sometimes you can't find who is an author of the certain article Another thing is APA citation. Take the survey No thanks. Save i This content can be saved to the "My Activity" tab in your user profile. Having problems with your essay? These top tips will help you get finished. Related categories: essay writing. Written by Craig OCallaghan. As editor of TopUniversities. He also plays a key editorial role in the publication of several guides and reports, including the QS Top Grad School Guide.

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  4. There are 23 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. Method 1. Make sure MLA is the correct style for your document. It's used in humanities areas like English studies, comparative literature, foreign language and literature, or cultural studies. Students should read assignment sheets and course syllabi. Writers seeking publication should check submission guidelines. If you still can't tell what style you should be using after reading the directions, contact the instructor or publisher. Be able to recognize the two components of citation. When citing an essay, you include information in two places: in the body of your paper and in the Works Cited that comes after it.

    The Works Cited is just a bibliography: you list all the sources you used to write the paper.

    Referencing and bibliographies

    The citation information you include in the body of the paper itself is called the "in-text citation. Include the right information in the in-text citation. You must include a page number that tells the reader where, in the source, they can find this information. The most basic structure for an in-text citation looks like this: Smith In MLA, in-text citations always come at the end of the sentence. The period that would end the sentence comes after the parenthetical citation.

    Learn when in-text citations are necessary. Every single source that contains information you used must be included in your Works Cited and cited in-text. The most obvious time to use an in-text citation is when you quote from a source directly or refer to it by title or author. Failing to attribute information that is the product of someone else's work is plagiarism.

    The repercussions can be severe. For example, it is common knowledge that World War II broke out in Nobody owns that information. But specific strategies, quotes from important figures in the war, and statistics about how many people were involved in the war are all examples of specific, proprietary information. The author of the source you used to research that information had to do the work of finding that information out.

    You must attribute it to them. Choose the appropriate in-text citation method. But if you include that necessary information in the language of the sentence itself, you should not include the parenthetical citation. Correct: A recent study determined that Himalayan brown bears eat both plants and animals Rathore and Chauhan Correct: Rathore and Chauhan determined that Himalayan brown bears eat both plants and animals Incorrect: Rathore and Chauhan determined that Himalayan brown bears eat both plants and animals Rathore and Chauhan Plagiarism: A recent study determined that Himalayan brown bears eat both plants and animals.

    Adjust in-text citations if you have multiple sources from an author. When they look up the source on your Works Cited sheet, they will find two different articles by James Smith. To avoid this confusion, you must include a shortened version of the essay's title, so the readers know which essay to look for.

    Correct: It could be argued that Sethe is haunted by "the physical persistence of memory" Smith, "Beloved" Include the first initial if you have authors with the same last name. An in-text citation of Smith doesn't tell the reader which author provided the information. In that case, include the first initial of the author's last name in the in-text citation: S. Smith Format the citation in the Works Cited.

    MLA (Modern Language Association) Style:

    When the reader sees a quote or idea that they would like to know more about, they will look up the source author by the last name you listed in the in-text citation. They will also know which page of the source they should look at to find the information they want.

    Depending on where you found the essay, your citation will follow a different format. Regardless of what format you follow, one thing remains constant across all citations. You always indent all lines that come after the first line of a Works Cited citation. This lets the reader know where one citation ends and the next one begins. MLA also uses title case ever time a title is given. This means that first word and all major words are capitalized: The Sound and the Fury. This is distinguished from sentence case, in which only the first word is capitalized: The sound and the fury.

    Follow the format for an essay found in an anthology. In this case, you must include the following information in this exact order: Lastname, First name. Editor's Name s.

    City of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication. Page range. For example: Smith, Jane. Mark Jones. New York: wikiHow Publishers, Include different information for essays published in journals. If you found the article in an academic journal, you have a different set of information to include. Some of the information — like author name, essay title, and page range — stay the same. But you should follow this format exactly: Author s. Issue Year : pages. Medium of publication. Add electronic information for sources found in online databases. These databases store electronic versions of print journals as PDFs.

    The article you're citing may have originally appeared in a print journal, but you accessed it online. You need to let the reader know how they, too, can access it online: Last, First.

    MLA In-Text Citations: The Basics // Purdue Writing Lab

    Date of Access. The date of access is the date on which you found the essay. For example: 15 July Method 2. Determine if APA is the right style for your document. APA is the formatting style for the American Psychological Association, but it's used in the social sciences, business, and nursing as well. Learn what information to include in-text.