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Although this could conceivably work with any AOK, the arts are trickier to use within this title, as is mathematics. The question provides a framework ie the way a skeptic approaches knowledge that can be applied to the two AOKs.

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Presumably, the essay is supposed to assess how well this approach can be applied to the chosen AOKs, in order to provide us with certain knowledge. Does it want students to assess how well this approach works in the two AOKs ie whether it leads us to certain knowledge? Does it want students to assess whether such an approach can be used at all? Does it want us to focus on the skeptic, or on the AOK? If you have a question about the TOK essay, either write to us using the form below, or post it on our Facebook forum.

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We will respond to the best questions we receive. May TOK essay titles 12th September You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. What is knowledge?

November 2014 TOK essay titles

What is truth? Real life situations on the nature of knowledge A timeline of thinking On reality and sugar cubes Contact and other info Contact us Payment information Privacy policy Ways of knowing Emotion Quotes on emotion Key emotion ideas Key thinkers on emotion Where do emotions come from?

Theories on emotion The relationship between emotion and reason How can our emotions be exploited? Real life situations for emotion Faith Quotes on faith Key thinkers on faith Real life situations for faith Imagination Quotes on imagination Key thinkers on imagination Real life situations for imagination Intuition Quotes on intuition Key thinkers on intuition Real life situations for intuition Language Quotes on language Key language ideas Key thinkers on language How do we learn language?

How did language evolve? What is the relationship between language and ethics? Real life situations for language Memory Quotes on memory Key thinkers on memory Real life situations for memory Reason Quotes on reason Key reason ideas Key thinkers on reason What is formal reasoning? What other types of reasoning are there?

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Poor reasoning and fallacies Real life situations for reason Sense perception Quotes on sense perception Key thinkers on sense perception How many senses are there? How reliable is the knowledge provided by our senses? Real life situations for sense perception Areas of knowledge The arts Knowledge framework for the arts Quotes on the arts Key thinkers on the arts Is there good art and bad art? What does the development of art tell us about the way we perceive the world? What is the relationship between art and ethics? What is the relationship between art and society?

Real life situations for the arts Ethics Knowledge framework for ethics Quotes on ethics Key ethics ideas Key thinkers on ethics Different ethical perspectives Ethical authorities How do we form an ethical position? Intentions and consequences Real life situations for ethics History Knowledge framework for history Quotes on history Key thinkers on history Understanding historical perspectives Key thinkers on historical perspectives Questioning historical perspectives Why does history have a special place in TOK?

Can we say anything for sure in history? How and why does history get rewritten? Real life situations for history The human sciences Knowledge framework for the human sciences Quotes on the human sciences Key thinkers on the human sciences What are the aims of the human sciences?

When we are disinterested , we are impartial , objective , neutral , detached , free from biases and prejudices, more fair and openminded , ready to incorporate multiple and contrasting perspectives. The pure objectivity leads us on a clear path to knowledge that is more likely to be infallible. The disinterest suspends hasty generalisations , judgements and conclusions that most often we tend to jump to.

Just open your eyes, read the news and pay attention to what is happening around you.

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You'll be surprised how much original TOK material you can find. But show to your teachers that you are able to think for yourself and come up with some original insights. Examiners complain year after year that students are using the same examples across the world.

If you are looking for inspiration of different perspectives and ideas, you can look at the following BBC Radio 4 website A History of ideas. You can, of course, also talk to your subject teachers to find out different perspectives.

Tok essay titles november 2014

They may also be able to help you find some good examples. By comparing methodologies used in your subject lessons, and by offering examples from your lessons, you can reach some very interesting conclusions in TOK terms. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started.