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The aim of the study was to examine social cognition and social occ upational functioning in patients with schizophrenia.

The sample comprised of 30 patients diagnosed with schizophrenia recruited from the psychiatric department of a hospital and a private clinic in Kolkata. The control group consisted of individuals who w ere screened on the GHQ and obtained a scaled score of 2 or below, indicating that there was no psychiatric morbidity.

Computer Assisted Instruction to Improve Theory of Mind in Children with Autism

They were individually matched to each patient according to age, gender, and education. Results showed that patients with schizophrenia had significant deficits in theory of mind and social perception as compared to the matched control group. There was a significant correlation between symptoms of schizo phrenia, second order theory of mind and social occupational functioning of the patient group. Co-representation of others' task constraints in joint action. Modulating action duration to establish non-conventional communication. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General , 12 , Hernik, M.

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Learning Theories. Hopkins, E. Linkenauger Eds.

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Cambridge University Press. Voinov, P. Nair, J. Basal forebrain contributes to default mode network regulation. Mustafar, F. Divergent solutions to visual problem solving across mammalian species. Mahr, J. Why do we remember?

The communicative function of episodic memory. Mercier, Y. Cesana-Arlotti N. Michael, J. Seeing it both ways: Using a double-cuing task to investigate the role of spatial cuing in Level-1 visual perspective-taking.

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Cognitive Science, 42, Cognition , , McEllin, L. Mind and Language. Miton, H. When iconicity stands in the way of abbreviation: No Zipfian effect for figurative signals. Open Access, Plos One. Rationality in joint action: Maximizing co-efficiency in coordination.

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Psychological Science. Mercier, H, Miton, H. Evolution and Human Behaviour.

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Collective benefit in joint perceptual judgments: Partial roles of shared environments, meta-cognition, and feedback. Cognition , , — Wolf, T. Scientific Reports , 9 1 , Reading your mind while you are reading - Evidence for spontaneous visuospatial perspective-taking during a semantic categorization task.

Kline, M. Variation is the universal: Making cultural evolution work in developmental psychology. Philosophical Transcations of the Royal Society B. Dockendorff, M.