Essay on movies impact on youth

The computer generated imagery technology is a digitalized media production technology that enhances the graphic and visual effects during media production. The availability and accessibility of computers in the new digital media has also changed the mode of production of movies and videos among the youths. As the world is changing from analog technologies to digital technologies, the youths have and continuing to adjust their technological knowhow by either hiring or owning digital technologies that put them on same scope of the new digital media evolution.

The notion is furthered by Wands who added that as the youth continue to gain access to computerized movies and videos, they develop interest in digital media products and their production. Additionally, more youths are today involved in the production of movies and videos because of the reduction of the cost of media production that is associated with the new digital media.

Such youth have therefore taken advantage of the digital media related less costly entertainment activities. The notion is further supported by Siegchrist who points out that compared to the previous years where film production was costly and suited only the moderate income earners; the evolution of digital technology has addressed the economic intrigues of most youths. A good example in this case is the use of hard disk camcorder.

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As a digitalized technology, it has made it less costly to capture and transfer movies and videos during production which in turn has lowered the cost of media production making it affordable to more youths. The effectiveness of the new digital media especially in the production of corporate videos and movies has also contributed to the changes experienced in the production of videos and movies among the youth. In his support of this position, Phannenstiel points out that the technological advancement of the youths has enabled most of them to be employed or venture into business sectors that fully exploit their technological knowhow.

In effecting such technological activities, the youth have been able to utilize the new digital media technologies which has effectively improved the quality of their media production Phannenstiel, As the youth continue to involve themselves in the technology industry, the gain technological experience that gives them more strength in producing more movies and videos.

Moreover, it is argued that the new social networking that has been created by the new digital media has changed the production of videos and movies among the youths. The new social networking sites like the Face book have given the youth opportunity to upload their videos and movie previews.

Supporting this argument, McGrath points out that the availability of digitalized media technologies such as the CDs and DVDs has made it possible for the youths to gain access and circulate movies and videos among themselves. This position is also supported by Siegchrist who noted that digital media technology entails media production and circulation cycle where videos and movies can be extracted through downloads and produced into many digitalized copies that are easily affordable to the youths. In this respect, movies and videos of the same genre are able to be circulated among the youths.

It is argued that, the inter-correlation between the digital media and the internet has changed the circulation of movies and videos among the youths.

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They note that even though the youths have utilized their technological creativity to enhance their personality in various web based accounts, their usage of internet to circulate the digitized videos and movies to others is fascinating. Today, increasing number of youthful Americans is able to use their digitized video cameras to produces and circulate their videos through their respective You Tube accounts. Additionally, change in circulation of movies and videos among the youth have also been promoted by the availability of affordable and new digitalized media technologies.

These applications have increasingly enabled the youth to easily transfer or share various videos and movies. Such tremendous evolution of the new digital media has resulted to the availability of affordable digitized media gadgets among the youth through which they have been able to circulate media products among themselves. Furthermore, the low cost of media circulation associated with the new digital media has been an essential entity that has changed the circulation of videos and movies among the youths.

The new digital media has enabled the production of more affordable movies and videos which has reduced the cost of the purchasing power. They further note that, the low cost incurred during the online circulation of videos and movies has enabled the youth to circulate more of them.

Moreover, the advancement in the new digital media technologies by the youths has changed how the digital media influences the circulation of videos and movies among them. For instance, the technological knowhow enables the youth to locate the internet sites from which they can download and circulated videos and movies among themselves. For instance, film renting among the youths has increased as they attempt to access more films. The tremendous engagement of the youths in online film renting through their new digitized media technology signifies how the youths have utilized the new digital media to increase their film consumption rate.


The film censors also seem to be more liberal than ever and allow sex and violent scenes which have a bad effect on the mental make-up of youth. Visiting the cinemas too often at the cost of class lectures and by missing lectures also spoils the education of youth. Instead of imbibing the basic virtues of life, our youth begin to think of flirting and seducing, like the screen heroes.

The youth imbibe negative social values. Both rural and urban youth thus fall victims to vicious temptations.

The Effect Of Hollywood On Youth

It is not contended that there should be a total ban on films. But steps should certainly be taken to see that good instructive films are made, not trash and ruinous presentations merely to cater to cheap tastes. Related posts: Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper, drawing the attention of the public to the harm caused by bad films Short essay on Cinema, its uses and abuses Scholarship essay for MBA students on the cinema Short Essay on Cinema — A boon or a curse?

Cinema as a medium of change in society: Nagesh Kukunoor at TEDxSITM

Short essay on the Impact of Films. The spreading of media and movie is one of the most important reasons.

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Teenagers just imitate the shooting behaviors from movies but knowing nothing about consequence, because movies hardly mention that. Second one is drug abuse. Around 50 percent know classmate who sells drugs. Media portrayal of drugs can lead the teenagers to know the drugs from negative sights and show the audience how it feels exaggeratedly. The last one is adultery and premature sex.

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It is more often that having nudity and sex scenes has become an attraction point or selling point. Younger generation become premature sex conscious and imitate the scenes of movies in real life. Without correct sex protection, more and more problems occur such as teenagers parents and so on. The impact of premature sex caused diseased society both mentally and physically.