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In Exodus, God appears to Moses in the form of a burning bush, around the bush is holy ground and from here Moses receives his directions to bring freedom where in the meeting what the members bring are chains of bondage. The rock in between the trees represents the taking of life and hope.

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Paragraph The rock also represents a bad foundation on which anything built will crumble in the storm. Paragraph 48 The people in the meeting are singing hymns while at their meeting. Hymns are a common enough sound and site in any Christian church, they sung in church services and in this story they characters mock God by using these hymns in their devilry. Paragraph 47, 52 In the rock, there is a basin full of either blood or water reddened by the light.

In every church, there is a basin, of some sort, that holds holy water for baptisms and other purposes. In this story, the Devil has his own version of holy water. Paragraph 62 In order to complete the initiating of the new converts, Lucifer must Baptist them. In the Christian church, there are two forms of Baptism child and adult and one is an important part of initiating a new member into the church and a declaration of their faith in God.

Paragraph 62 In the story Faith is brought up to the altar in a veil; this is a replication of the New Testament concept of the Bride of Christ. Paragraph 54 The path on which Goodman Brown embarks is a narrow path. In the New Testament, the route to heaven is often said to be the narrow path or the narrow road.

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In this story, the path to hell is just as narrow. Paragraph 8. Hawthorne also makes use of other symbols these are not necessarily associated with Bible or Christianity, they are instead contextual symbols. Paragraph 3, 51 This story takes place at night. Nathaniel Hawthorne presents a grim look at humanity in his short story, Young Goodman Brown. He also touches on the major issues of the time, which caused hysteria and fear among the good, Puritan citizens of Salem. Then the new diseases and animals that the Puritans have discovered make the New World appear to be a place full of witchcraft and sorcery that bring death.

Altogether, these provide a perfect atmosphere for his short story, Young Goodman Brown. Accessed October 19, This is just a sample. You can get your custom paper from our expert writers. Few men can compare to Thomas Jefferson in terms of articulation and benevolent philosophical views.

Young Goodman Brown - Summary Sketch

Symbols are important in each story to define the theme. Close observation of the symbols within each story proves to one their importance.

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A Literary Analysis of the Symbolism in Young Goodman Brown by Nathaniel Hawthorne | Kibin

Analysis of Three of Hawthorne's Works: Solitude a. An Analysis of Hawthorne's Short Stories. Hawthorne's Pride of Intellect. Light and Darkness in the Scarlet Letter. He carries a twisted staff that looks like a snake and almost seems to move in his hand Liebman 3. All of the branches the traveler touches wilt and die.

It is suggested by the traveler that even Browns father and grandfather are a part of the devils party, and he makes Brown meet people he has seen and knows at the ceremony. The move into darkness gives the feeling of upcoming danger. The journey begins at dusk continuing on into an increasingly darker and more shadowy world.

Symbolism Use In: Young Goodman Brown and The L

The farther he gets away from his wife, the more he loses faith 2. During the trip Brown must decide for himself whether people are basically good, evil, or both, and his journey into the wood parallels his journey into his soul 2. As he gets farther into his ideas of evil, his visions become more substantial. Brown leads himself down his journey through his own curiosity.

It destroyed Browns ability to trust anyone ever again including his wife. His fear of his own flaws and the flaws of his wife drive him to his damnation. The devil uses Browns lack of faith, especially in his wife, against him, and Brown is so drawn in by the devil he does not take heed when he sees what is done to the branches of the trees and to the staff the devil is carrying. Bibliography: Works Cited Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Edgar V. Roberts and Henry E. Upper Saddle Riva: Prentice Hall, Keil, James C.

Young Goodman Brown

Reprinted in Short Story Criticism, Vol. Literature Resource Center.

The Gale Group. Frazer Clark, Jr. Excerpted and reprinted in Short Story Criticism, Vol. Young Goodman Brown is a moral story that is told through the perversion of a religious leader. In Young Goodman Brown, Goodman Brown is a Puritan minister who lets his excessive pride in himself interfere with his relations with the community after he meets with the devil, and causes him to live the life of an exile in his own community.

Young Goodman Brown begins when Faith, Brown's wife, asks him not to go on an errand. Goodman Brown says to his love and my Faith that this one night I must tarry away from thee. When he says his love The story takes place in a puritan town in Salem back when there believed to be witches. Goodman Browns grandfather and relatives took part in killing and beating the witches in town.

The story starts out on a cold night on a special day of the year. That night Goodman Brown took a trip into the forest and told his wife Faith that he had to do business. Nathaniel Hawthorne comes from an interesting background.

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  • He was born in Salem and later returned to live there. He was a descendant of William Hathorne, a puritan judge who persecuted Quakers, and John Hathorne, a puritan magistrate who participated in the Salem witch trials. The symbols take many forms from the setting to the characters.